November 5, 2007

Charles Erskine Scott Wood, The Poet in the Desert

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This book, published in Portland Oregon in 1918, seemingly hand bound, includes a handwritten note from CES Wood and has a picture of Sara, his love, pasted to one of the first pages. The note reads:

Dear Genevieve -Many happy returns of the day and may the Wolf always be at your door. When I consider how much this book is Sara’s– Her discovery of the manuscript– her insistence on full completion, her insistence also on less preaching and more poetry and her constructive criticisms in arrangement and phrase–many lines are hers– I cannot in this work nor in my life separate myself from her– Take the little volume from us both.

Charles Erskine Scott Wood

November 28- 1922

This was the first bit i opened to in the dim light of the library basement. These are still my favorite lines…

Silence invincible; impregnable;
Compelling the soul to stand forth
And be questioned.
Coyotes bark to the stars.
Upon the midnight sand I lie,
Thoughtfully sifting the earth
Through my fingers.
I am that dust.
I look up to the stars,
Knowing to them my life is not
More valuable than that of the flowers;
The little, delicate flowers of the Desert,
Which, like a breath, catch at the hem of Spring
And are gone.


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