December 22, 2007

Changes and New Blogroll Links

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Hello friends,

Everything is change right now.  I am in an empty house waiting for Sunday when I go back to Oregon to see my friends and family.   When I return, it will be to a new house, a new roommate, and a new semester.  I’m ready for renewal.

I’ve added several new goodies in my blogroll, among them:

An article about Eugene and unicycling.  This is an awesome tribute to Eugene and the beautiful and positive effect he has wherever he goes.  I cannot recommend this article without saying how much i hate that the writer called me a follower.  So if you read this you must do so with the knowledge that I do not consent to the description of myself.  I do, however, love Elizabeth’s (the author’s) descriptions of Eugene: “a geeky, over-padded failure of an athlete, sliding and falling and scrambling after his wheel,” “mild- mannered and ponytailed Cathcart” with “earnest geek vernacular,” etc.

An article about a Seattle rock climbing gym.  I was ten years old in this article and I’m always surprised to find it still hanging around the internet.  I was really enthusiastic about being “different” when i was little.  I told the interviewer that I liked climbing because it wasn’t “normal, like baseball.”  I remember feeling shattered with embarrassment when my dad saw the article.  I had recently  met Ken Griffy Jr. at a restaurant and he signed my purple bookmark for me (I accidentally asked his body guard first and they all laughed).  My dad told me when Ken Griffy read the article and found out i thought baseball was boring, his feelings would be hurt.

I also posted a link to a video clip of The Journey of Natty Gann.  People often ask me where my nickname came from.  You’ll understand when you watch the video.


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