February 5, 2008

What about Love!?

Of course, Love. I always come back to you.

Thanks for your comments, Sean. You are awesome. What do ya’ll think of this idea:

A Radical/Subversive history of love. I’m thinking a mosaic. I could trace the larger arch of how the mainstream discourses on love have changed over time, but underneath that show how different subcultures have taken the dominant meaning of love and subverted it in some way toward social justice. Here are some examples i’ve thought of so far:

interracial (black/white) relationships in slave-holding or reconstruction south

free lovers of late 19th/early 20th centuries

1920’s and harlem rennaisance “new woman”/ “new negro”

… (huge time gap)…

Lesbian feminist back to the land movement in Oregon

Development of womanism, audre lorde “Uses of the Erotic”

Eco-radical discourses on love, maybe anarcha feminist

Polyamory radical queer culture

Current scholarship on love: bell hooks and some others


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  1. This sounds good. I mean you can never go wrong with love. The only I have with how you have it is that you might be doing more then you need to. Find out how much work they are expecting for a masters thesis. What you have here looks like it could be an entire book and its not worth doing that unless your getting your phd (or use that for your phd). Just my two cents.

    I do like where you are going and you could turn any one of those subtopics into a great masters thesis, in my opinion.

    Comment by sean — February 7, 2008 @ 11:13 p02 | Reply

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