March 19, 2008

Eugene and Lindsay visit NYC

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eug in nyc

lindsaynatty hurray! after a long journey through south america, exhausted eugene and lindsay visit me in new york!

mmmm gluten freewe eat at a yummy gluten free restaurant in greenwich village. The dessert makes me feel like i’m 8 years old. rainbow sprinkles!

cupcake mmmmmm…….that woman from france eug took some time to see the woman from france, ground zero, the stars in the ceiling of grand central, etc.

writing i write… in a wonderful little tea shop near nyu

eugeug enjoys carrot cake.

we also enjoyed the museum of sex,

lots of good meals at my cozy apartment, banana splits, apple crisp, and strawberry whip cream crepes being among my favorites….,

a nyc patrick’s day parade (lindsay has a thing for bagpipes)

a tour of my school, sarah lawrence,

study time,

a doctor seuss movie in one of new york’s gigantic movie theaters,

greenwich village coffee shops and my friend mr. alex,

brooklyn and that cute boy christian,

lovely michelle’s tuesday night dinner,

subway music,

a unicycle/walk/bike ride (a parade of goofballs laughing and chasing each other down the street)

eug’s bike and unicycle doctoring (much needed!)


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