August 29, 2008

portraits of now

Filed under: pictures — polywog @ 11:13 p08

me, and me playing with a plastic purple necklace given to me at pride

apples nutmeg and peanut butter, sassafras tea harvested from near the bronx river

a jar of writing utensils and the little clown i found on the ground:keeps me happy and mismatched silly

drinking jar and a 1968 painting i found

my new patch! it is a print of three girls playing in a circle, and it says “we all fall down”

date cashew banana cacao coconut candies

a special goat



  1. Natty!

    How are you? I was thinking about you just now, having just got back from travelling! (and recalling the travelling i did with you)

    How is it out there? I think Im gonna pass through in early winter, just for a couple weeks (or less! for REAL this time!)

    And… I think I know that person in those pictures. I think I met him at witchcamp, in oregon, and he seemed awesome. weird! SMALL world!

    Much love!

    Comment by fnx — September 25, 2008 @ 11:13 p09 | Reply

  2. Hey, where are the new posts Lovely?

    I know you have been out having lots of fun adventures, and those of us who don’t experience them with you want to see life in NY, and read the musings of polywog.

    What’s your Revelation?

    Comment by eugene — October 5, 2008 @ 11:13 p10 | Reply

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